Washer and Dryer Repair in Orange County area

Washer and dryer repair services usually go hand-in-hand because these units are purchased together, hence maintenance or replacement issues happen pretty much at the same time. Besides that, more and more often homeowners purchase two-in-one units where a washing machine offers the functionality of a dryer. So whether it is a washer problem or a dryer problem, or maybe both, our team of experienced technicians is ready to help you solve any issue!

If you were looking for dryer repair near me, then you have just won the lottery ticket! Our team specializes in washer and dryer repair services for both residential and commercial customers. We not only can help you fixing the existing issue or replacing an out-of-order part, but our technicians are always happy to assist with selecting the best units for your needs and also installing them correctly in your space.

Top Wacher and Dryer services we offer in Orange County

There are most common washer and dryer repair in Orange County, California  issues that we fix. They are generally caused by the lack of proper maintenance and negligence. However, sometimes a manufacturer’s mistake may also cause problems. But instead of guessing the cause, get an experienced technician onboard and solve the mystery in a day! Here are the top mysteries we face:

  • The units won’t start
  • Washer creates unusual sounds
  • Dryer’s doors won’t shut tightly
  • Washing machine creates excessive vibrations
  • Washer or dryer won’t spin
  • Washer doesn’t drain and leaks
  • Dryer doesn’t dry

Cannot find your symptom on the list above? Don’t hesitate and call our team for dryer and washer repair in Orange County. Our experienced technicians will come for an initial issue examination and will be able to offer dryer or washing machine repair on the spot. We always carry all the tools and authentic parts to provide an emergency washer and dryer repair at any time!

Washer and Dryer Repair in Orange County